Samyak's Nook

The last month of college

We've arrived at the winter of our college lives, both literally and figuratively. It's the first of December already, and the psenti sem feels way different as compared to what it felt when the semester just started out.

I wrote a little blog post when the semester started, and I can now clearly see the evolution of this semester in the last few months. September was quiet and relaxed and refreshing. October was much more chaotic with the incoming of the second shift of students. November was joyful and lively with the several days of festive celebrations. December marks a similar September-like quietness but this time with a lot of nostalgia and a sense of urgency.

You see, we don't have a lot of time on our hands. College has been the safest sandboxes you could ever be, with just the right mix of flexibility and security. You can try out all that you can, and still people outside the campus won't bat an eye. Obviously, this "trying out" has it own limits on intensity and duration, but you get my point, don't you?

My personal goals for the remainder of this semester remain mostly the same. My "psenti-sem bucket list" items — explore as much of the campus as possible and meet as many awesome people as possible, are going pretty well so far. Aside from meeting a lot of people, I'd like to focus on more profound one-on-one interactions, since that's the only way you can actually get to know someone. Quality > quantity here.

I also want to eat at a lot of different dishes across different eateries, do more impromptu music jams, click more photos, write more blogs about my life in BITS and network with more folks for the project ideas running in my head.

Any more suggestions on how to live out this semester to the fullest will be deeply appreciated. So will be your presence in my write-up (no, I'm kidding, please don't come if you have even the tiniest bit of respect for me!).