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Meeting old friends

No, this is not about friends getting old; I'm too young to experience that.

This is about friends who were little kids at some point in their lives, have grown up, and are all leading their separate lives.

I’ve been meeting a lot of my school friends lately. One fine day, I went to meet my classmate of the 5th grade. On another occasion, I met my Delhi school friends I last saw in the 10th grade. I went on a trip with my friends, who I used to hang out with till the 12th grade.

I’ll try to sum up some common observations that I had when meeting these chaddi buddies:

So yeah, meeting old friends can be hard, but meeting them is so worth the effort! It’s the intellectual equivalent of climbing on top of a hill and looking down at the beautiful landscape that was once right under your feet.

Samyak's Nook A beautiful view atop the Savandurga Hill. I'm not uploading my friends' photos here lol