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New Year Resolutions (2024)

A flip of a digit in the YYYY section of the calendar might seem trivial, but it can be a start of something big. These psychological triggers (e.g. change in the year) can be used to make lasting changes that can change the trajectory of your life, or at least initiate that change.

January 1 needn’t be “just another day”. Our brain can segment time in many ways. Only some are constrained by biology. Designating a calendar date as a starting place to achieve behavioral and/or psychological change is entirely legitimate. If you want a change, set it & get it.

— Andrew D. Huberman, Ph.D. (@hubermanlab) January 1, 2023

I started off with my set of resolutions back in 2020. Because of the list of things I wanted to achieve, I was able to make use of unexpected extra time I got during the lockdown. In fact, as I talked about in an earlier post, I enjoyed my time in isolation because of the same reason.

After a failed set of resolutions back in 2021, I came back for public accountability and posted my set of New Year Resolutions for 2022. As expected, it worked! Even though I was not able to nail my Resolutions as much as in 2020, I still was able to do a lot.

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The biggest fail was probably that I didn't publish as much stuff as I should have had. Be it music or blogs, I wasn't able to sit down and work on them as much. I think my 10-pull-ups-in-a-row resolution was a bit too far-fetched, especially when I was looking to gain mass (pull-ups get more difficult with increasing body weight).

I'll learn from my mistakes I made the last time and make this year even more interesting, with a variety of resolutions for the upcoming year.

I'll also urge everyone reading this post to make your own "fresh start", be ambitious and keep it going as long as you can. Don't forget to get back on track just in case you lose it.

It's a new day, a new month, a new year to conquer!

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