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New Year Resolutions (2022)

Last updated: 10/7

In 2020, I did something wild. Wild, at least, by my standards. I published my New Year Resolutions on my old blog. Even though I didn’t share that post explicitly, the fact that it was public and my 10-something subscribers will be notified over email gave me enough accountability to move forward.

Guess what? I nailed all those resolutions, except one, which I figured was kinda out of my control 😅

In 2021, I did something different. I wrote these resolutions on Notion, and tucked them away in a corner and even forgot about them. The moment I recalled I have resolutions to nail down, I felt guilty but I continued on.

In 2021, I winded back. I wrote my resolutions in Notion and tucked them away somewhere in a corner. The result? I managed to do only one, that too, barely. Even though I learnt more in 2021 than in any other year because of the unique circumstances, I’d have preferred nailing some long-term goals in the guise of these resolutions.

There’s a particular framework that I follow when I make them, which I’ll explain later. There are people like James Clear who can do the job of explaining such things better.

So, here’s the list of things I want to get done.

These might look like very generic resolutions. Actually, they are not. I have a personal policy of disclosing bits about my unfinished projects. So, wait for me to complete them. 🤓

This is a very dynamic post, which means that I’ll keep updating the contents here in the days to come. Again, there are good reasons for doing so. I’ll explain them later.

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